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Pleasant Scenery 

Like many sections in Westfield, Manor Park features beautiful homes, pristine sidewalks, mature trees, and manicured lawns. Houses in this community tend to sit closer together, allowing neighbors to easily get to know one another.

Charming Homes

Manor Park's homes date as far back as the '20s, with Colonial-style homes comprising much of the neighborhood's architecture. However, brand new homes are available in the neighborhood with styles inspired by Manor Park's existing homes.

Top-Rated Schools

In the latest ratings from New Jersey Monthly, Westfield High School ranks #8 among the top high schools in the state. Residents of Manor Park live just a couple of miles from this top-rated school in the Westfield Town School District.

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Key Features

Manor Park Swim Club

A fun summer is just steps from home in Westfield's Manor Park community. The neighborhood is home to the private Manor Park Swim Club, where residents can cool off in the large or kiddy pools, meet the neighbors at annual cookouts, play on the playground, and compete on the Dolphins swim team.

Unami Park

Manor Park is just steps from nearby Garwood's Unami Park. Residents can enjoy a picnic on a sunny day, go for a refreshing bike ride on the trails, and watch (or even join) local rugby teams on the field; Unami Park is home to the Union County Mudturtle Rugby Football Club.